Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp: Payment Plan Option


Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp is designed to coach women into a happily ever after for faith filled marriages.

The 4-week informative, inspirational, and fun course taught by Dr. Lil focuses on specific tasks to build a lasting and happy marriage.

Engaged and married women learn tips to succeed in their marriages without losing themselves.

The coaching program includes: a total of 12 life changing coaching emails, 8 love affirmations for motivation and encouragement, several videos, a ton of useful worksheets, an amazing novelty gift set, and prime access to interact with Dr. Lil.

Click here to view my video discussing the program: Private Bootcamp Link.

Here is a topic outline based on the book "Miss to Mrs.":

-Communication Tips and Strategies to Avoid Ugly Fights

-Instructions to develop a "wifestyle"

-The Power of Prayer/Affirmations

-Healthy Habits of Trust and Forgiveness

-Types of Intimacy (Sexual, Emotional, and Spiritual), and Why They Are Important

-Steps to Take Care of You, Your Husband, and Home Without Losing Yourself

-Marriage Armors to Protect Your Marriage (marriage foundation)

This amazing course includes important marriage themes every woman serious about her union needs to know. It's never too early or late to build a beautiful marriage.

Once in the program, participants complete assessments to develop their "wife identity." Coaching emails are sent 3 time per week designed to help ladies meet their desired relationship goals based on their personalized needs.

A video to complement the coaching email modules are sent once a week. Encouraging affirmations are also sent twice a week.

Lucky participants receive one novelty gift set (notebook, and tote) shipped in Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp packaging. The bonus gift set and shipping are free.

Each participant will leave the 4 week self-paced course with the confidence and tools to enjoy her husband and marriage. Course content within the program is often seen within premarital/marital counseling. This coaching course helps women discover ways to divorce proof their unions, and have a marriage as magical as their wedding day.

Click here to view the video discussing the program:Private Bootcamp Link.

Start Date: Any Monday

Coaching slots are limited and filled on a first come first serve basis.

For questions, or concerns send an email to [email protected]

**Disclaimer/Terms of Engagement: Psychological/therapy services to treat mental health conditions are not included in this coaching program. Unlike coaching services, mental health treatment typically includes a treatment plan and sessions are provided in person. Miss to Mrs. Bootcamp is an educational resource. Women seeking traditional mental health treatment services are encouraged to do so outside of this program.**


Payment Plan Schedule:

Payment 1 of $50 to secure your slot now.

Payment 2 of $47 due by the 3rd week of program entry.

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